English Class 10
First Flight - Poems (Literature)

Read the given extract and answer the questions

Extract :

If when walking round your yard

You meet a creature there,

Who hugs you very, very hard,

You’ll know it is the Bear.

But if its nose is long and thin,

And hairy like a stubble-brush,

And if it climbs into your bin,

You’ll know it is the Walrus …

(How to tell wild animals)

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Question (i)

What does the poet mean by "hugs you very, very hard" in line 3?

  • A) The creature is friendly and affectionate.
  • B) The creature is trying to squeeze you to death.
  • C) The creature is cold and needs warmth.
  • D) The creature is playing a game with you.


Answer as written by the student:

B) The creature is trying to squeeze you to death.

Step-by-Step Explanation: 🐻

  • The poet uses irony and exaggeration to describe how the bear attacks its prey by hugging them very hard. This is not a friendly or playful gesture, but a deadly one.😱
  •  The poet also contrasts the word "hug" which usually has a positive connotation with the words "very, very hard" which imply pain and danger. This creates humor and sarcasm in the poem.😂
  •  Therefore, the correct answer is B) The creature is trying to squeeze you to death.👍

Question (ii)

What kind of nose does the walrus have according to the poet?


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