English Class 10
First Flight - Poems (Literature)

Read the given extract and answer the questions


But he’s locked in a concrete cell,

His strength behind bars,

Stalking the length of his cage,

Ignoring visitors.

(A tiger in the zoo)

A Tiger in the Zoo- Extract Based Question - Teachoo (2).png

Question (i)

What does the poet imply about the tiger's behavior in captivity?

  • a) The tiger is happy and content
  • b) The tiger is angry and frustrated
  • c) The tiger is friendly towards visitors
  • d) The tiger is afraid of visitors


Answer as written by the student:

b) The tiger is angry and frustrated

Step-by-Step explanation of the answer:

  • The extract describes how the tiger is locked in a concrete cell with its strength behind bars. 
  • It stalks the length of its cage and ignores visitors. 
  • This implies that the tiger is angry and frustrated due to its captivity. Hence, the correct answer is b) The tiger is angry and frustrated. 🐯🔒

Question (ii)

What does the tiger do while in its cage according to the poet?

  • a) The tiger sleeps
  • b) The tiger stalks the length of its cage
  • c) The tiger plays with toys
  • d) The tiger interacts with other animals


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