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As per New Section 245 of Income Tax Act introduced by Finance Minister in Budget 2023 for Financial Year 2023-24 (Assessment Year 2024-25)


Set off and withholding of refunds in certain cases.


( 1 ) Where under any of the provisions of this Act, a refund becomes due or is found to be due to any person, the Assessing Officer or Commissioner or Principal Commissioner or Chief Commissioner or Principal Chief Commissioner, as the case may be, may, in lieu of payment of the refund, set off the amount to be refunded or any part of that amount, against the sum, if any, remaining payable under this Act by the person to whom the refund is due, after giving an intimation in writing to such person of the action proposed to be taken under this sub-section.


( 2 ) Where a part of the refund is set off under the provisions of sub-section ( 1 ), or where no such amount is set off, and refund becomes due to a person, and the Assessing Officer, having regard to the fact that proceedings for assessment or reassessment are pending in the case of such


person, is of the opinion that the grant of refund is likely to adversely affect the revenue, he may, for reasons to be recorded in writing and with the previous approval of the Principal Commissioner or the Commissioner, as the case may be, withhold the refund up to the date on which such assessment or reassessment is made.”.

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