English Class 9

Write a Diary Entry in about 100-120 words about  your experience in a blind school.







22 August, 2022

10.00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

1️⃣Today I went to a blind school as my school as my school partnered with an NGO and my heart was overwhelmed by emotions as soon as I entered the place. We went there to teach children younger than us and to perform certain kind of activities with them. They were very excited as soon as they sensed our presence and devoted their full attention to what we were doing.

2️⃣To be very honest, at first, I was angry on the universe or God that it had done such un justice to them and felt a sense of pity towards them but as time passed, I was amazed by their courage and will power to learn. The zeal with which they took part in all the things we did brought tear to my eyes and I thanked God for whatever he has given me and will continue to show my gratitude towards him in a way that I’ll be visiting that school monthly and help them in whatever way I can with my own resources. It was a very memorable day. 



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