English Class 9

Your friend has behaved very selfishly in the  canteen today and so you are very upset. Write  a diary entry in 100-120 words expressing your  feelings.







22 August, 2022

10.00 p.m.

Dear Diary,

1️⃣Today was one of the worst days of my life as my best friend humiliated me in front of everyone. We met in the canteen during the lunch break and I thought that we will be catching up on what all happened with us during the week but to my disappointment, she had something else in her mind. She heard a rumor that I have complained about her to our teacher about the time she carried a mobile phone with her. I was shocked by that accusation and tried very hard explaining her that I would never do such things with my best friend but she just didn’t want to listen to what I had to say and kept yelling at me. I was hurt the most when she called me “backstabber” and she just went away when the break ended. I was so sad about this situation that I did not even finish my lunch and ran back home as soon as the school ended. We are friends for the last 4 years and she did not show any courtesy to that.

2️⃣I know it is very easy to just end your friendship but I have decided not to do it because I believe she is under the negative influence of someone and I just feel that it is my duty to clear things out and sort the issue. So, I have decided that I’ll give her the weekends time to think about what she has done and if she does not realize, then I’ll directly go to her house and have a one - on - one discussion with her.



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