The adaptation of animals living in tropical rainforests are adapted to conditions that require them to be able to hunt and eat in an area with a high demand for food .

For Example -

  1. The red-eyed frog has sticky pads on its feet to climb trees that provide mobility and the ability to hide from predators.
  2. Monkeys often have long tails and hands with strong grips to grab on branches. 
  3. The Toucan is a bird that has a long, large beak to help reach food otherwise inaccessible. 
  4. Lions, tigers and other big cats/predators have thick skin and sensitive hearing (for camouflage and hunting).
  5. Elephants have - 
    1. Trunks used as a nose with strong sense of smell and also to pick up food  
    2. Modified teeth (tusks) to help tear tree bark  
    3. Larger ears are sensitive to soft sounds and help it keep itself cool during hot summers
  1. The long tailed macaque has adaptations that help it survive almost entirely on trees.
    1. It is a good climber 
    2. It feeds on foods easily found on trees such as fruits, seeds, young leaves, stems, flowers, buds, insects etc.
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