The process of converting plant and animal waste materials into manure by rotting is called composting.

  • Compost is a natural fertilizer , which is required for the growth of plants.
  • So, compost is mixed with soil where plants grow as it provides nutrients to the soil.
  • Burning of dry leaves produces smoke and harmful gases which can damage our health. So, the leaves should never be burnt rather these wastes can be converted into useful compost.

An activity for Composting

  1. Collect the garbage from your kitchen like fruits and vegetable peels, egg shells, waste food, tea leaves, newspaper, dry leaves and paper bags.
  2. Put all this in a plastic bag and put it in the soil.
  3. After 4 days , all the waste turns black in colour and there is no foul smell which indicates that the rotting is complete.
  4. If the garbage rots completely and does not smell at all, mix it with soil where you want to sow your favourite plant.
  5. This provides nutrients to the plants.
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