A change which cannot be reversed to the original form is called irreversible change .


Here, we will take the example of the reversible change again to understand irreversible change

Example 1 - Inflating balloon that it bursts

  1. Take a Balloon.
  2. Blow it to the full size and tie its mouth with a string.
  3. Prick it with a pointed pencil.
  4. The balloon burst.
  5. Now the balloon which has  burst cannot be blown again.
  6. This change is irreversible.


Example 2 - Cutting the paper while making an airplane

  1. Take a piece of paper.
  2. Draw an airplane on it.
  3. Cut it along the outline.
  4. Paper which is cut once into a shape cannot be regained again.
  5. Thus,this change is irreversible .


Example 3 - Rolling and baking a chapati

  1. Take a dough and make a ball out of the dough.
  2. Now ,roll a chapati with this dough and bake it on a tawa .
  3. Once the roti is baked it cannot be changed to a dough again.
  4. Thus,this change is irreversible.
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