Class 10
Chapter 7 Class 10 - Control and Coordination

Difference between Sensory neuron and motor neuron.



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Sensory neuron

Motor neuron


1. It carries information from receptors to the central nervous system .

1. It carries information from the central nervous system to the effector .

2. They are also known as afferent neurons.

2. They are also known as efferent neurons .

3. It picks up the information from the dendrites .

3. It hands over the information  by an axon terminal .

4. It is found in the skin , ears, eyes, tongue and nose.


4. It is mainly found in glands and muscles .


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REFLEX ARC Stimulus Receptor Sensor Neuron Response Spinal Reflex ARC Rapid and involuntary Conscious Thought Decision making Motor Neuron Effector Sensor Neuron

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