Which of the following set of elements is written in order of their increasing metallic character?

(a) Be, Mg, Ca

(b) Na, Li, K

(c) Mg, Al, Si

(d) C, O, N



As we move down the group , metallic character (ability to donate electrons) increases .

Modern Periodic table-01 - Teachoo.jpg

  • Option (a) - Be, Mg and Ca all belong to group 2 and are arranged according to increasing metallic character.
  • Option (b) - Na, Li and K belong to the same group however they are not arranged in the order of increasing metallic character.
  • Option (c) - Mg, Al, Si belong to different groups.
  • Option (d) - C, O and N also belong to different groups.

Therefore, the correct option is (a) Be, Mg and Ca

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