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Chapter 2 Class 10 Polynomials
Serial order wise

If a, are the zeros of the quadratic polynomialΒ p(x = x 2 - (k + 6)Β  x + 2 (2k - 1), then the value of k, if Ξ± + Ξ²=1/2Β  Ξ±Ξ² is

(a) βˆ’7Β 

(b) 7Β 

c) βˆ’3Β 

(d) 3

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Question 5 If a, are the zeros of the quadratic polynomial 𝑝(π‘₯)=π‘₯^2βˆ’(π‘˜+6) π‘₯+2 (2π‘˜βˆ’1), then the value of π‘˜, if 𝛼+𝛽=1/2 𝛼𝛽 is (a) βˆ’7 (b) 7 (c) βˆ’3 (d) 3 Given 𝛼+𝛽=1/2 𝛼𝛽 Sum of Zeroes = 𝟏/𝟐 Γ— Product of Zeroes (βˆ’π‘)/π‘Ž=1/2 ×𝑐/π‘Ž (βˆ’(βˆ’(π‘˜ + 6))/1=1/2 Γ—(2(2π‘˜βˆ’1))/1 (π’Œ+πŸ”)=πŸπ’Œβˆ’πŸ 6+1=2π‘˜βˆ’π‘˜ 7=π‘˜ π’Œ=πŸ• So, the correct answer is (b)

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