Income tax Challan

  • It is a simple form used to pay tax to the government.
  • Tax is deposited in Authorized Banks and not directly with Income tax Department.
  • It can be paid
  • Direct Online – through Net Banking
  • Manually – By Going to Bank Physically
  • Prescribed Challan form. is Challan 280.

Note:-While paying challan,it is to be mentioned what type of Income Tax it is


Types of Income tax.jpg

Types of Income tax

  • Self-Assessment tax

        It is the tax paid at the time of filing Return (i.e. after 31 March)


  • Advance tax

        It is the tax paid in advance during financial year

         (i.e. from 1 April to 31 March)


  • Tax on Regular Assessment

          It is tax paid when some notice is received by Income tax.Department

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