Prepare a brief speech on global warming that you have to make in your class.



A very good morning to the audience present. Now-a-days, every one of us is well aware of the threat of climate change. It is a serious issue increasing continuously because of global warming. It is a big issue for our future generations to face all the challenges of this irreversible change in the environment.


Global warming is the regular increase in atmospheric temperature of the earth. Earlier the rate of rise in temperature was slow however currently it is going at a faster rate. The main causes of global warming are greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. Such gases gets collected in the atmosphere and trap heat from all resources like the sun, and other resources. The level of greenhouse gases also raise because of human activities such as burning trees, burning fossil fuels, electric lights, use of refrigerator, microwave, air conditioners, and other electric machines. Such process releases high percentage of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing the earth temperature to rise.


Due to the rise of the earth’s temperature, various problems are caused. The increasing temperature of the earth causes the destruction of various wildlife creatures due to the destruction of their habitats. Because of increasing temperature in the environment, the arctic glaciers start melting and threatening the lives of polar bears. Melting glaciers creates lots of water which increases sea levels and might as well flood the nearby cities. Increasing ocean temperatures creates problems to the life of plants and animals of water causes algae to die and disturbs the entire food chain.


We should change our habits positively in order to reduce waste by choosing the use of reusable products instead of disposable one. We should buy products having minimal packaging to reduce the amount of wastes. We should recycle paper, newspaper, glass, aluminium cans, etc.Regular use of the CFL instead of regular light bulbs would help in eliminating around 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We should try to drive less and in very smart way for the fewer harmful gas emissions. We should try to walk by foot as much as possible instead of using bike, car or other means of transport.

Together with changing our own habits, we should encourage others to conserve energy by reducing lights use as much as possible.

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