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Chapter 9 Class 9 - Force and Laws Of Motion

Learn Chapter 9 Class 9 Science - Force and Laws of Motion with Notes, NCERT Solutions, Solutions to Intext Questions, Solutions of Examples, Solutions to Additional Exercises and Extra Questions.


In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is Force - We learn that Definition of force we learned in Class 8 was wrong, and the actual definition of force

  • What are the Effects of Force

  • What are Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  • What is Newton's First Law of Motion

  • What is Inertia

  • Real life Examples of Inertia

  • What is Momentum

  • Newton's Second Law of Motion

  • Force is Mass x Acceleration

  • Newton's Third Law of Motion

  • What is Conservation of Momentum


  • Numericals based on Force Formula and Conservation of Momentum


We have also solved the Examples given in the book for your practice


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