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Chapter 7 Class 8 Cubes and Cube Roots

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Let's see what the chapter is all about.


In the last chapter, we learned about Square numbers, like 42

In this chapter, we will learn about Cube Numbers, like 43


The topics in this chapter are

  • What are Cube Numbers
  • One's Digit of Cube Numbers
  • Checking if number is perfect cube
  • Finding smallest number multiplied to get a perfect cube
  • Finding smallest number divided to get a perfect cube
  • What is cube root
  • and Symbol of Cube Root
  • Finding cube root through Prime Factorisation
  • Finding cube root through Estimation


We have divided this chapter into 2 parts - Serial Order Wise and Concept Wise.

In Serial Order Wise, we have divided the chapter into NCERT Exercises and NCERT Examples. You can check it to view answers to specific questions.

In Concept Wise, the chapter is divided into specific concepts, First the concept is explained, and then the questions of that concept is solved - from easy to difficult.


Concept Wise is the Teachoo (टीचू) way of studying


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Serial order wise

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