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Chapter 3 Class 8 Understanding Quadrilaterals

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are curves, open curves, closed curves, simple curves
  • What are polygons, Different Types of Polygons
  • Diagonal of a Polygon
  • Convex and Concave Polygons
  • Regular and Irregular Polygons
  • Angle Sum Property of Polygons
  • Sum of Exterior Angles of a Polygon
  • Exterior Angles of a Regular Polygon
  • What is a Quadrilateral
  • Different types of Quadrilaterals and their properties - 
    • Trapezium
    • Kite
    • Parallelogram
    • Rhombus
    • Rectangle
    • Square
  • Parallelogram properties - Opposite Angles are equal, Opposite sides are equal, Adjacent Angles are supplementary, Diagonals Bisect Each other
  • Rhombus, Rectangle, Square are all parallelograms with additional properties


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