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Chapter 12 Class 8 Exponents and Powers

Get NCERT Solutions of all exercise questions and examples of Chapter 12 Class 8 Exponents and Powers free at Teachoo. All questions have been done with detailed explanation of each and every step. Concepts related to the questions are taught, and then the questions are solved.


In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are exponents
  • Simplifying numbers with negative exponents
  • Converting decimal numbers to numbers with exponents
  • Law of Exponents with positive and negative powers
  • Expressing very Large numbers in Standard Form
  • Expressing very Small numbers in Standard Form
  • Converting numbers in standard form to usual form


This chapter is divided into 2 parts - Serial Order Wise and Concept Wise.

In Serial Order Wise, we do the chapter like NCERT. The chapter is divided into exercise questions and examples. You can check it if you want to look for a specific question.

In Concept Wise, the chapter is divided into different concepts. First the concept is explained, and then the questions related to the concept is done - from easy to difficult.


We recommend you do the chapter from Concept Wise, it is the Teachoo way of learning.


Note: When you click on a link, the first question will open. To open other questions, you can check the bottom of the page. It has the list of all the questions, with important questions marked. (It is a list with arrows)

Serial order wise

  Ex 12.1
  Ex 12.2

Concept wise