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Chapter 5 Class 11 Complex Numbers

Get NCERT Solutions of Chapter 5 Class 11 - Complex Numbers free. All questions, including examples and miscellaneous have been solved and divided into different Concepts, with questions ordered from easy to difficult.


The topics of the chapter include

  • Solving Quadratic equation where root is in negative.
  • Defining complex numbers - z = a + ib
  • Solving when two complex numbers are equal
  • Solving Identities of complex numbers (Square, Cube of 2 complex numbers)
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of complex numbers
  • Power of i (odd power and even power)
  • Modulus and Conjugate of a complex number, and the property
  • Finding multiplicative inverse
  • Finding modulus and argument of a complex number,
  • and representing it in polar form
  • Also, doing some proof questions


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