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Chapter 4 Class 11 Mathematical Induction

In this Chapter, we will prove questions using Mathematical Induction. We will discuss questions, examples and miscellaneous of Chapter 4 Class 11 Mathematical Induction in the NCERT Book.


Mathematical Induction is used in proving in maths.

It has 2 steps

  • Step 1 - Show it is true for the first case
  • Step 2 - Show that if any one case is true then the next case is true

If both steps are true, then the statement is true


Just like a Domino

Dominos falling photo.jpg

If first falls, then second also, then the next also falls and all fall.


Let's learn the steps involved to solve Mathematical Induction questions, and solve these NCERT Questions.

Note: Although Mathematical Induction is not in Class 12 of the NCERT, but questions of proving by Mathematical Induction are there. So, for examination point of view, this chapter is important

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  Ex 4.1

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