I work as Part time Accountant at a Hospital.There are various entries to be passed in Tally.ERP9 like O/P Income,Lab Income,Pharmacy purchases & Sales,Cash & Bank Vouchers,Bank Reconciliations.etc.,

But My Query is about passing entries of OP Income as the Hospital prepared already an excel statement in which O/P Income received ...60% of Income should go to Dr."A"; 60% to Dr."B"; 60% to Dr."C".;remaining 40% Income goes to Hospital.These entries have to be passed since  April-2016. I have passed just 2 to 3 entries upto 05.04.16 and i have to finish them upto 30-09-2016.

So,Please help me with a quick solution for passing entries in lesser time with ease.


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Mohammed Farhatulla
Oct. 7, 2016, 3:31 p.m.