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Benjamin Mvungi
Feb. 12, 2017, 6:58 p.m.
a manufacture of jam has 720 kg of strawberry syrup and 800 kg of mango syrup for making two types of jam, grade a and b. each types is made by mixing strawberry and mango syrups as follows: . grade a: 60% strawberry and 40% mango grade b: 30% strawberry and 70% mango the jam is sold in 400 gram jars. the selling prices are as follows: grade a: kshs. 48 per jar grade b: kshs 30 per jar. (a) form inequalities to represent the given information (b) (i) on the grid provided draw the inequalities. (ii) from your, graph, determine the number of jars of each grade the manufacturer should produce to maximize his profit ( 1 mark) (iii) calculate the total amount of money realized if all the jars are sold