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  1. Chapter 11 Class 6 Algebra
  2. Serial order wise


Ex 11.3, 4 Give expressions for the following cases. 7 added to p p + 7 (b) 7 subtracted from p p โˆ’ 7 (c) p multiplied by 7 7 ร— p = 7p (d) p divided by 7 ๐’‘/๐Ÿ• (e) 7 subtracted from โ€“ m โˆ’m โˆ’ 7 (f) โ€“p multiplied by 5 (โˆ’p) ร— 5 = โˆ’5p (g) โ€“p divided by 5 ((โˆ’๐‘))/5 = โˆ’ ๐’‘/๐Ÿ“ (h) p multiplied by โ€“ 5 p ร— (โˆ’5) = โˆ’ 5p

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