Chapter 4 Class 8 Data Handling
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Ex 4.1, 1 A survey was made to find the type of music that a certain group of young people liked in a city. Adjoining pie chart shows the findings of this survey. From this pie chart answer the following: (i) If 20 people liked classical music, how many young people were surveyed?Let Total number people surveyed = x Number of people who like Classical Music = 10% of Total number of people = 10/100 × 𝑥 = 1/10 × 𝑥 Given, Number of people who liked classical music = 20 𝟏/𝟏𝟎 × 𝒙=𝟐𝟎 𝑥=20 × 10 𝒙=𝟐𝟎𝟎 Thus, Total number of people = x = 200 ∴ 200 people were surveyed. Ex 4.1, 1 (ii) Which type of music is liked by the maximum number of people?In the pie chart, Maximum percentage shown = 40% ∴ Maximum number of people like Light music Ex 4.1, 1 (iii) If a cassette company were to make 1000 CD’s, how many of each type would they make?∴ The cassette company should make 400 CD’s of light music, 300 CD’s of folk music, 100 CD’s of Classical music and 200 CD’s of Semi Classical music

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