Difference between live in, live on, live at

Where do you live?

  • I live in Delhi
  • I live at 421 Pusa Road
  • I live on First Floor


live in live at

Fill in the blanks with in/on/at

I live ­­­________ Hudson Road.

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She lives ­________ Rosewood Apartment.

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I live ________ India.

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I live ________ 45 Pachkuiya Road.

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Ramesh lives ________ China.

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Sara lives ________ 5th floor.

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Sanjay lives ________ Karol Bagh.

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Sneha lives ________ MG road.

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I live ________ Andhra Pradesh.

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Rekha lives ________ Laxmi Nagar

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So where do you live, Aalia?

सो वेयर डू यू लिव, आलिया ? (तो आलिया , आप कहा रहते हो ?)

I live in Laxmi Nagar

आइ लिव इन लक्ष्मीनगर (मैं लक्ष्मी नगर में रहती हूँ)

What about you Rahul?

व्हॉट अबाउट यू राहुल ? (तुम अपना बताओ राहुल )

I live at 42 Pusa Road

आइ लिव एट 42 पूसा रोड (मैं 42 पूसा रोड में रहता हूँ)



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