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  1. Chapter 4 Class 6 Basic Geometrical Ideas
  2. Serial order wise


Ex 4.5, 2 Draw a rough sketch of a quadrilateral KLMN. State, (a) two pairs of opposite sides, (b) two pairs of opposite angles, (c) two pairs of adjacent sides, (d) two pairs of adjacent angles. . . (a) (𝐾𝐿) Μ… & (𝑀𝑁) Μ… (𝐾𝑁) Μ… & (𝑀𝐿) Μ… (b) ∠ K & ∠ M ∠ L & ∠ N (d) ∠ K & ∠ L ∠ K & ∠ N (c) (𝐾𝐿) Μ… & (𝐾𝑁) Μ… (𝑀𝐿) Μ… & (𝑀𝑁) Μ…

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