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Making Resumes too long or too short

  • Resumes should be ideally 1 or 2 pages long
  • More than 2 pages is a strict no
  • No one has time to read such long 3-4 page resumes

Empty spaces in Resume

  • Now a days the trend is to use long sentences in small font
  • It gives impression psychologically that person has good knowledge and skills for the job

Negative points not hidden

  • If there is gap in resume, Year should not be mentioned
    1. If a person cleared Class 10 in 2014 AND Class 12 in 2017,no need to mention ear in resume as it is a negative point
    2. Similarly you can hide period for which you are not working

Don't Write Objective, Instead Write Career Summary

  • Writing 'Objective' has become very old fashioned
  • Remove Objective, Instead Write Career Summary/Professional Synopsis
  • In this ,write 2-3- lines about you-Your qualification, work experiences, your skills and competencies

Here write about points

  • Write About your good technical skills like
  • Good knowledge of GST
  • Working Experience in Tally Erp 9
  • Practical Application of Advanced Excel formulas

Write Work Known not Knowledge

  • Instead of Writing
  • 'Knowledge of GST'
  • We can write
  • 'Practical Exposure to GST Compliance like GST Return filing'
  • It gives a better impression

Do Mention Key Skills/Area of Excellence

This should be in Bullet Points about topics you know


  • GST
  • TDS
  • Payroll
  • Income Tax
  • Balance Sheet Finalizatin
  • Tally
  • Advanced Excel

Mistakes in Resume


Correct Resume



Use Proper English Keywords

  • We have compiled a list of English Keywords which you can use in your resume
  • We have also put a list of sample resumes

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