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Vehicle Quote Date of sale: Sold to: (Name & Address) Sales person: Reference: Company Name Address: Phone Number: Email address: Website: Toll-free number: 1-800-000-000 Year Make Model Body Style New/Used Key no VIN Upholstery Specs Power train Specs (Engine & Transmission) Insurance details Fire & Theft □ Public liability □ Amt: Collision □ Amt: Property Damage □ Amt: Price of the Vehicle Sales Tax Delivered Price Extras - Factory Installed - Dealer Installed Sales Tax Total Price - Financing costs - Insurance Costs Total Payable Settlement - Deposit paid - Cash on delivery - Financed Due from Customer Trade in details - VIN - Make & Year - Model & Body Trade in value Total Optional Equipment & accessories Factory Installed Price Dealer Installed Price Notes on Trade in vehicle: Name & address of the Finance Company Payment details Signature & Seal of company Customer’s signature <<Company Name>> <<Address Line 1>> <<Address Line2>> <<City>><<State>><<Zip Code>> <<Phone Office>><<Phone Fax>> <<Email Address>><<Website>> TO: F.O.B. terms delivery number: [Customer Name] [Type number here] [Customer Address Line 1] [Customer Address Line 2] [Customer City, State ZIP Code] Thank you for your inquiry dated: [Type date here]

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