Pan number to be quoted in 

  • All Returns (Income tax Returns)
  • All Challans
  • Transactions prescribed by CBDT


What are the transactions prescribed by CBDT where PAN is Compulsory?

  1. Sale of Property>5 lacs
  2. Sale of Any motor vehicle which requires registration
  3. FD>50000 in Bank or Post office
  4. Purchase/Sale of shares or securities >1 Lacs
  5. While opening Bank Account (A minor  who is applying for bank account may quote his Father, Mother, Guardian PAN if he does not have any taxable income)
  6. Applying for Telephone/Mobile Connection
  7. Payment in Hotel or Restaurant > 25000 50000
  8. DD/Pay order >50000 in one day
  9. Cash deposit in bank>50000
  10. Cash payment >25000 for foreign travel (Payment to moneychangers covered, however certain neighbouring countries/place of pilgrimage as specified by CBDT not covered)
  11. Payment >50000 to LIC
  12. Payment to Jeweller >500000 in one day or against one bill
  13. Making application for purchase of Mutual Fund/Bonds of RBI/Debentures /Shares in Public Issue >50000


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