We know that Cenvat Credit is available on inputs/capital goods/input services within 1 year from date of invoice.


However, this period of one year will not apply in case credit reversed and later re-credit taken in following cases


1.Second proviso to rule 4(7)

If payment not made within 3 months of invoice date, credit to be reversed.

However, later if credit taken, then Cenvat to be reversed.


2. Rule 3(5B)

Inputs and Capital Goods on which Cenvat taken is written off before put to use, then Cenvat needs to be reversed.

However, if later these inputs and capital goods used, then Cenvat to be taken.


3. Rule 4(5)(a)

Goods sent to job worker are not received within 180 days/(2 years in case of Capital Goods)/,then Credit to be reversed.

However, if later, goods are received, then Credit can again be taken.

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