GST Registration is mandatory if turnover > 20 lacs

However ,it is compulsory if person wants to do certain types of sales


If a person has turnover less than 20 lacs,then also he can take Registration


Benefits for Taking GST Registration

i He can make Interstate Sales (For Interstate Sales,20 lacs limit is not applicable)

2. He can charge GST on his Invoice and hence show to his customer that he is a reputed big business

3 For taking Certain Governemnt Contracts,having GST Number is Compulsory

4 He can register online with E Commerce Companies like Flipkart,Amazaon etc and can do online Sales.


Benefits for Not Taking GST Registration

1. No Monthly Returns to be filed (A GST Registered Dealer has to file 3 Monthly Returns+1 Annual Return)

2. No need to hire Accountant/CA to do Day to Day Accounting and maintain Detailed Records

3.GST not to be charged on Bill,hence goods are cheaper to end customer



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