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What are Duties of Deductee in GST

  1. Deductee is the person whose tds is deducted
  2. He shall Issue Bill and Collect Payment
  3. He shall also collect TDS Certificate for GST Deducted
  4. TDS Deducted will be automatically reflected in Electronic Cash Ledger
  5. He can claim Credit of TDS Deducted i.e. Reduce TDS from his GST Liability

GST Tax computation Example


Output GST =10000,

Input GST=6000

TDS Deduced under GST =1%  OF 10000=100

What is GST payable


In this case

Output GST=10000

Input GST-6000

GST PAYABLE=10000-6000=4000

Less TDS=100

Balance GST payable=4000-100=3900


  1. GST - Goods and Services Tax, India
  2. GST Computation & Accounting
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