Who are Unregistered Dealers in GST

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What are Different Sales of Unregistered Dealer

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Unregistered Dealer can sell to Registered Person in GST

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  • Bhupesh Singhal's image
    Bhupesh Singhal
    June 10, 2018, 8:36 a.m.
    Whether rcm applicable if got service from registered GTA and bill amounts to Rs 500 only

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  • Krishna Patel's image

    Ocean Freight Rate of RCM On Condition of Import Materials aginst  CIF  Term??

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  • Mantu Singh's image
    If GST registered vendor purchased material from unregistered vendor and sells to registered vendor. It's comes under reverse charge.
    Example - Vendor-A purchased material of RS 800 from unregistered vendor -X and sells material to vendor-B in RS 1000 (180)GST= RS 1180.
     Then how much GST paid by Vendor-A to government.
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  • sai mohan's image

    5000 limit in case of goods per person per day


    5000 limit in case of goods per day(total suppliers)

    please clarify

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  • Javed Ahmed's image
    What is reverse charges and a register dealer did URD purchase how itbis applicable
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  • Ojas Thakrar's image

    Dear sir

    I am a Registered Idea Prepaid Distributor but the retailer to whome i sale are majority unregistered

    (URD) in this case who will have to pay GST? In other word i purchase from idea and sale service to URD Idea and me both are paying our share of GST but the retailer to whome i sale the service and he further sale to end user is neither registered nor does he pay GST so will i be liable to pay Gst of his part? 

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  • sujata bhatnagar's image
    sujata bhatnagar
    June 27, 2017, 3:08 p.m.
    Who is applicable of reverse charge
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