150% Deduction Business List Removed


On certain business,

150% deduction available
while on others 100% deduction available (both capital and revenue)

150% Deduction now removed
In all cases,now 100% Deduction

List of Business Getting 150% Deduction

  1.  Setting up and operating a cold chain facility;
  2. Setting up and operating a warehousing facility for storage of agricultural produce;
  3. Production of fertilizers in India
  4.  Building and operating, anywhere in India, a hospital with at least 100 beds for patients;
  5. Beveloping and building a scheme of affordable housing (Scheme framed by Centran Government/State Government) and notified by CBDT
Now these are covered under 100% deduction
  1. Income Tax
  2. Amendments Income Tax for May 2017 Exams

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