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Hi and Hello work at any time of the day

Apart from this we use

  1. Good Morning
  2. Good Afternoon
  3. Good Evening (Even at night,if we meet someone,we use Good Evening and not Good Night)
  4. Good Night At the time of leaving,we say 

In Morning

Good Morning



In Afternoon

Good Afternoon



In Evening

Good Evening (when u meet)

शुभ संध्या


At night

Good Night (when u leave)

 शुभ रात्रि

At anytime

  1. Hello
  2. Hi
  3. Hello Sir
  4. Hi Mam
  5. Hey (for friends)

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Conversations 1

Good Morning sir

Hello! How are you?

I am good sir, how are you?

I am doing great too

Conversations 2

Good Evening,

Hi. How are you?

I am great. How are you doing?



Important Words Learnt


(ग्रीट) नमस्कार


मॉर्निंग (सुबह)


आफ्टरनून (दोपहर)


इवनिंग (शाम)


नाईट (रात)


डूइंग (करना)


एनीटाइम (कभी भी)

  1. English Speaking
  2. Common Sentences
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