What is a Special Ecomomic Zone

It is a geographic area where Number of tax concessions are given by government

Laws relating to import and export are more liberal as compared to other parts of the country.


Sale of goods to

Developer of Special Economic Zone


Units of Special Economic Zone

is exempt from tax


Conditions to be fulfilled

Sale must be for specified purpose

Specified purpose means


In case of

Specified purpose

Developer of

Special Economic Zone


Development, operation and maintenance of SEZ by developer.


Unit  in  SEZ:

Setting, operation, maintenance, manufacture, trading, production, processing, assembling, repairing, Conditioning, reengineering, packaging, use of packing material/packing accessories in a unit located in any SEZ



Developer of SEZ or unit of SEZ must be authorized by authority specified by Central Government

Buyer (Developer of SEZ or unit of SEZ) must be registered

Buyer has to submit a declaration in Form I.

Goods specified in the registration certificate


What is form I?

It is a form given by buyer to seller in case of interstate sales where

Buyer is Developer of SEZ or unit of SEZ


Both buyer and Seller are registered.


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