How to Pass Purchase & Sale Entry with VAT & CST - Vat CST Accounting


Group Name Ledger name
Purchase Accounts All types of Purchase Accounts like
Purchase 5% Local
Purchase 12.5% Local
Purchase 2% Central
Purchase Import
Purchase Central C form
Purchase Central F form
Purchase Central H form
Purchase Central C+ E1 form
Purchase Return
Sales Account All types of Sales Accounts like
Sales 5% Local
Sales 12.5% Local
Sales 2% Central
Sales Export
Sales Central C form
Sales Central F form
Sales Central H form
Sales Central C+ E1 form
Sale Return
Duties and Taxes Input Vat Accounts 
Output Vat Accounts 
VAT Payable


Check Ledger List for full list of Ledger under which Group.

  1. Accounts and Finance
  2. Accounts with Taxes

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