Exemption is available only if

Institution is registered under section 12AA of Income Tax Act


It carries out specified charitable activities

(Both Conditions must be fulfilled to fall in Mega Exemption Notification) 

  Charitable activities means activities relating to -

  • public health by way of -
  • care or counseling of
    • terminally ill persons or persons with severe physical or mental disability,
    • persons afflicted with HIV or AIDS, or
    • persons addicted to a dependence-forming substance such as narcotics drugs or alcohol; or
  • public awareness of preventive health, family planning or prevention of HIV infection;
  • advancement of religion or spirituality;
  • advancement of educational programmes or skill development relating to,-
    • abandoned, orphaned or homeless children;
    • physically or mentally abused and traumatized persons;
    • prisoners; or
    • persons over the age of 65 years residing in a rural area
  • preservation of environment including watershed, forests and wildlife

The definition of ‘charitable activities’, inter alia, includes activities relating to advancement of religion or spirituality and Yoga (New Amendment from 21.10.2015) Notification No. 20/2015 ST

Hence, service tax will not be payable on fee charged for yoga camps conducted by charitable trusts.   (New Amendment)

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