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Form ST1 is to be filled online at the website

 Following Details  are compulsorily required

  • Pan No
  • Email id
  • Mobile No

Registration is granted online within 2 days of complete filing of application form ST1

Registration Certificate in ST 2 is to be downloaded from website and there is no need of signed copy



Documents Required for Registration

After applying online, documents to be submitted online within 15 days of applying for registration

  • Pan No
  • Photograph
  • Proof of Identity
  • NOC from landlord at whose address registered office shown
  • Detail of Main Bank Account
  • MOA/AOA + List of Directors in case of Companies
  • Authorization Letter of Board of Directors authorizing person to file ST1
  • Business Transaction No., from other Government Departments
  • (like Sales Tax No.,Import Export Code,Company Identification No.)


Verification of Premises

On submission of ST1, the premises may be physically verified by an officer not below the rank of AC/DC


Revocation of registration certificate

The registration certificate may be revoked by the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner in any of the following situations, 

after giving the assessee an opportunity to represent against the proposed revocation and taking into consideration the reply received, if any:

1. the premises are found to be non existent or not in possession of the assessee.
2. n o documents are received within 15 days of the date of filing the registration application.
3. the documents are found to be incomplete or incorrect in any respect.






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