Capital Gain is not charged on All types of Assets

It is applicable only on Certain assets called Capital Assets


Capital Assets include All assets except

  • Stock of Business*
  • Items of Personal nature which are movable like Personal Car/AC/Fridge etc
  • Agricultural land in rural area


However following are Capital Assets

  • Stock in trade of Foreign Instituitional investors (Foreign Companies who invest in Indian Stock Market)
  • Immoveable Property like House/Plot
  • Jewellery(Ornaments it made of gold silver, or precious stones) .
  • Agricultural land in Urban Area
  • Drawings, paintings, sculptures or any work of art.

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Example :-

State whether Capital Gain Applicable on following Yes / No
Sale of Jewellery by Housewife  
Sale of Jewellery by Jewellery Store  
Sale of Car by a Salaried Person  
Sale of Car used in Business  
Sale of Car by Car Showroom  
Sale of Personal Property   
Sale of Personal Painting  
Sale of Personal TV  
Sale of Personal Shares  
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