Political Science
Chapter 3 Class 6 Political Science - Forms of Government

Levels of Government - Teachoo.png

  • The government works at different levels : local , state, and national

  • The local level means the government in your village, town, or locality. Local government is the lowest level of government that provide basic services and facilities to the people, such as water, sanitation, roads, health, education, etc.

  • The state level means the government that covers an entire state like Haryana or Assam . The state government is the middle level of government that is responsible for making laws and policies on subjects that are specific to the state, such as agriculture, irrigation, police, transport, etc

  • The national level means the government that relates to the entire country. It is the  highest level of government is responsible for making laws and policies on subjects that are of national importance, such as defence, foreign affairs, currency, and communication, etc
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