Chapter 1 Class 6 History - Studying the past

Explain the following terms in short.

  1. BC
  2. AD
  3. Script
  4. Decipherment
  5. CE


Answer to be written in the exam:


  1. It  means Before Christ 
  2. It is used to label the years before the birth of Jesus Christ .
  3. For example , 500 BC means 500 years before Christ was born.


B. AD 

  1. It means Anno Domini, which is Latin for “ in the year of the Lord .
  2. It is used to label the years after the birth of Jesus Christ
  3. For example , AD 500 means 500 years after Christ was born.

C. Script 

  1. It means a way of writing that uses symbols to represent letters or signs.
  2.   For example , the script used to write English is called the Roman script
  3. Another example would be, Devnagri is a script in Hindi.

D. Decipherment

  1. It means the process of finding out the meaning of a script or a language that is not understood. 
  2. For example, the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs was done by using the Rosetta Stone.

E. CE 

  1. It means Common Era 
  2.  It is used as an alternative to AD
  3.  For example, CE 500 means the same as AD 500. 


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