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Deduction for Whom 

This deduction is only available to an assesse who is engaged in the business of 

Prospecting for/Extraction of/Production of

Petroleum,Natural Gas or Both


Central Government has entered into agreement for Such purpose



Where to Deposit

The deduction is available only if certain amount is deposited in

 (a) SBI (State Bank of India)

     As per Scheme of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas,Govt of India

(b) Any Site Restoration Account (also called Deposit Scheme)

As per Scheme of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas,Govt of India


Amount of Deduction

(1) The amount of deduction available is

     (a) Amount deposited

     (b) 20% of PGBP without considering Section 33ABA deduction

whichever is less.



Time Period to Deposit

6 months from end of the financial year in which deduction claimed. i.e. 30 September


Return Fililng Date (31 July/30 September/30 November)

Which ever is earlier


A DUE DATE OF ITR 31-Jul 30-Sep 30-Nov
B 6 MONTH FROM END OF FY 30-Sep 30-Sep 30-Sep
C Amount to be deposited by 31 July 30-Sep 30-Sep
  (earlier of A AND B)      


 Section 33ABA Site Restoration Fund - Special Cases


Audit Requirement

  • Compulsory audit required by CA, to claim deduction, CA should give report in Prescribed form (Form 3AD).
  • If accounts already audited under any low then separate audit under this section not required.However audit report in Form 3C required


All other Points Similar to Section 33AB :-

How to utilize amount Deposited .

It is to be utilized only as per scheme 

However,Amount not allowed to be utilized for :

  1. Purchase of machinerywhich is to be used in office / home / guest house .
  2. Any office appliances (however computer allowed)
  3. Any plant & machinery whose 100% cost allowed as deduction under PGBP (for example 100% depreciation assets)
  4. Any machinery which is used is used for manufacture of prohibited item mentioned in Eleventh schedule.


Withdrawal of deposit



Closure of business


Dissolution of firm


 Partition of H.U.F

Not taxable

Death of assesse

Not taxable

 Liquidation of company .

Not taxable


If amount withdrawn or but not used as per scheme then it will be treated as income and charged to Income Tax.


Asset Acquired Out of Funds of Scheme

Such assets should not be transferred within 8 years

If transferred it will be treated as income of year in which it is transferred.


However in the following cases these is no restriction of 8 years .

  1. Assets sold to government / Local Authority /  Government Company
  2. Conversion of partnership into company if all assets liabilities are transferred to company and all partners becomes the shareholder/members of the company .
  1. Income Tax
  2. PGBP Income
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