Concept of Block of Assets

There is concept of block of assets, all assets of same type treated as one Block and depreciation on them calculated together.


Different Block of Assets and their Rates of Depreciation are

1. Building(5% Residential,10% Commercial,100% Temporary or for Developing Infrastructure)

2. Furniture & Fittings 10%(It includes Electrical Fittings also)

3. Intangible Assets 25%(Patents/Trademarks/Knowhow/Patent/License)

4, Plant and Machinery (15%,30%,60%,80%,100%),

Plant and Machinery includes

  • Motor Cars on Hire 30%
  • Motor Cars(Others) 15%
  • Computers 60%
  • Books Annual Publications/Library Business 100%
  • Books (Others) 60%
  • Rollers/Rolling Mills 80%
  • Pollution Control Equipment 100%


General Rate on plant and machinery is 15%


New Amendment

Depreciation @ 80% to be charged on 

  • Windmills and Any other Specialized devices which run on wind mills
  • Any special devices including electric generators and pumps running on wind energy

if they are INSTALLED ON OR AFTER 1.4.2014

(If installed before that period,then Depreciation Rate applicable is 15%)



In 2014-15  Company purchased  the following assets

Asset Name



Date of Purchase Dep Rate
Machine 1 500000 14-Apr 15%
Furniture 20000 15-Aug 10%
Car 300000 25-Dec 15%
Machine 2 40000 26-Jan 15%

How Many Block of Assets

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Compute Depreciation in 2014-15

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Continuing previous question,Suppose in 2015-16,Following Assets Were Purchased

Name of Asset Amount Date of Purchase Depreciation Rate
Furniture 75000 20-Apr 10%
Computer 50000 15-Nov 60%

 Now how many block of Assets

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Compute Depreciation in 2015-16


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In this Case,

If all the assets in a Block Sold

Block Cease to Exist.Hence No Depreciation Charged.Short Term Capital Gain/ Loss Computed


If Some Assets Exist in Block,

Depreciation is Computed on Remaining Value(Opening+Purchase-Sales) if any.NO Capital Gain/Loss is Computed


Q3 Continuing previous question,Suppose in 2016-17,Car and Machine 1 Sold for 200000 and 350000 respectively 


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  1. Income Tax
  2. PGBP Income
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    The ans is that there are 3 blocks but how?   machinery and car have same rate and are from the same class of assets therefore they constitute one block and furniture is the second block 

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     How  can we calculate Depreciation on an intagible asset which is put to use on 6-07-2016.For AY17-18

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