Read the extract and answer the following questions.


MR LAMB: No, Not the whole of you. Not of you. 

DERRY: Yes! [Pause]

 MR LAMB: Later on, when it’s a bit cooler, I’ll get the ladder and a stick, and pull down those crab apples. They’re ripe for it. I make jelly. It’s a good time of year, September. Look at and golden. That’s magic fruit. I often say. But it’s best picked and made into jelly. You could give me a hand.

 DERRY: What have you changed the subject for? People always do that. Why don’t you ask me? Why do you do what they all do and pretend it isn’t true and isn’t there? In case I see you looking and mind and get upset? I’ll don’t ask me because you’re afraid to.

(On The Face Of It)

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Question (i)

What is the main difference between Mr Lamb and Derry's attitudes in the extract?


Answer as written by the student:

 The main difference between Mr Lamb and Derry's attitudes in the extract is that Mr Lamb is optimistic and cheerful, while Derry is pessimistic and bitter.

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To answer this question, we need to compare and contrast Mr Lamb and Derry's attitudes in the extract, based on their words and actions.
  • Some evidence that shows that Mr Lamb is optimistic and cheerful are :
  •    He says that his disability does not affect his whole being, implying that he accepts himself and does not let his tin leg define him.
  •    He talks about making jelly from crab apples, implying that he enjoys his hobbies and finds joy in simple things.
  •    He describes September as a good time of year and the fruit as magic, implying that he appreciates nature and its beauty.
  • Some evidence that shows that Derry is pessimistic and bitter are:
  •    He says that his facial deformity affects his whole being, implying that he hates himself and lets his burnt face define him.
  •    He accuses Mr Lamb of changing the subject, implying that he is suspicious and resentful of other people's intentions.
  •    He says that people are afraid to ask him about his face, implying that he feels isolated and misunderstood.

Question (ii)

What does Derry mean by "pretend it isn't true and isn't there" in the extract?

  1. Mr Lamb's tin leg
  2. Derry's burnt face
  3. The crab apples
  4. The magic fruit


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