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Read the extract and answer the following questions


NATALYA: (deciding) Very well, then; let it be as you wish. Have some lunch, Ivan Vassilevitch.

LOMOV: I really don't know... (Wants to decline but goes towards the door) I think I'd better have a little... My head aches. (Exit.)

NATALYA: (following him) You'll feel better after lunch. (Calling) Dunyasha, lay the table in the sitting-room! (Exit after LOMOV.)

 (The Proposal)

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Question (i)

Which of the following best describes Natalya's attitude towards Lomov's request in this extract?

  • (a) Angry
  • (b) Indifferent
  • (c) Agreeable
  • (d) Sad


Answer as written by the student:

(c) Agreeable

Step-by-Step explanation:

  • In this extract, Natalya shows the following attitude:
  •  🅰️ Angry: Natalya doesn't seem to be angry while talking to Lomov.
  •  🅱️ Indifferent: Natalya isn't indifferent, as she is actively engaging with Lomov.
  •  🆑 Agreeable: Natalya decides to accept Lomov's request and even suggests him to have lunch, which shows her agreeable attitude.
  •  🅳️ Sad: There's no sign of sadness in Natalya's response.
  • So, the correct answer is: C. Agreeable 😊

Question (ii)

Why does Lomov decide to have lunch, despite initially not wanting to? Answer in about 40 words.


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