Give all the possible corrections for the errors in the following code after identifying the errors.

1. str1=’sure’

2. str2=’try it’

3. n1=10

4. n2=3

5. print str1+str2

6. print str2*n2

7. print str1 + n1

8. print str2*str1



Untitled 36.jpg

Untitled 33.jpg

The first error is in line 7 . For string concatenation, both the operands must be string and for addition both the operands must be numeric . In line 7, str1 is of type string and str2 is of type int. 

Corrections for the above error will be:

  1. print str1*n1 
  2. print str1 + str1[n2]
  3. print str1 + str2  
  4. print str1 +chr(n1) 

The second error is in line 8. For replication operation, the second operand must be numeric and for concatenation, the operator must be *.

Corrections for the above error will be:

  1. print(str1*n1)  
  2. print(str1*n2)  
  3. print(str2*n1)  
  4. print(str2 * n2)  
  5. print(str1+ str2)


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