• A flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm.
  • A flowchart is a diagram made up of boxes, diamonds and other shapes, connected by arrows. 
  • Each shape represents a step of the solution process and the arrow represents the order or link among the steps.
  • Symbols used in a flowchart and their purpose:

Symbols used in a flowchart - Teachoo.jpg

Example: Flowchart to find largest of 2 numbers




  • Algorithms can also be represented as pseudocodes.
  • It is considered as a non-formal language that helps programmers to write algorithms.
  • It is intended for human reading and cannot be executed directly by the computer.
  • Frequently used keywords while writing pseudocode:
    1. INPUT
    2. COMPUTE
    3. PRINT
    6. IF/ELSE
    7. WHILE

Benefits of Pseudocode:

  • Improves readability of the algorithm.
  • It can be used as a rough documentation for increased program understandability of programs by  different programmers.

    Example: Pseudocode to find largest of 2 numbers

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