Boolean Algebra

Boolean algebra deals with binary values and logical operations.

It is the algebra of two values - true or false, yes or no, 1 or 0.


Logical Operators

Boolean Algebra uses 3 basic logical operators:

NOT operator

OR operator

AND operator

Operates on a single input and gives complement of the input as the output.

This operator performs logical addition on the input variables.

This operator performs logical multiplication on the input variables.

It is represented by an over bar or apostrophe on the variable to be operated.

It is represented by the addition (+) symbol .

It is represented using the dot (.) symbol.

A’ implies complement of A

A+B+C implies A OR B OR C

A.B implies A AND B

If A=0, then A’ = 1 and vice versa.

It gives a true if any of the operands is true or 1.

It gives a true only if both the operands are true or 1.

Logical Variables

A logical variable can only take 2 values - either a binary 0 or binary 1.

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