GM crops especially Bt crops are known to have higher resistance to pest attacks. To substantiate this an experimental study was conducted in 4 different farmlands growing Bt and non Bt-Cotton crops. The farm lands had the same dimensions, fertility and were under similar climatic conditions. The histogram below shows the usage of pesticides on Bt crops and non-Bt crops in these farm lands.


  1. Which of the above 4 farm lands has successfully applied the concepts of Biotechnology to show better management practices and use of agrochemicals? If you had to cultivate, which crop would you prefer (Bt or Non- Bt) and why? 

  2. Cotton Bollworms were introduced in another experimental study on the above farm lands wherein no pesticide was used. Explain what effect would a Bt and Non Bt crop have on the pest.


  1. Farm Land II.
    Bt crop.Because the use of pesticides is highly reduced for Bt crop // Decrease of pesticide used is also more significant for Bt crop.

  2. In Bt cotton a cry gene has been introduce from bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) which causes synthesis of a toxic protein. This protein becomes active in the alkaline gut of bollworm feeding on cotton, punching holes in the lining causing death of the insect. 

However; a Non Bt crop will have no effect on the cotton bollworm/ the yield of cotton will decrease / non Bt will succumb to pest attack.

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