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Is Capital G ain A pplicable on all Assets? What is a Capital Assets Sale of Business Assets Sale of Personal Assets like Land and Building No, It is Applicable to Only Capital Assets Furniture Jewellery ( Value of All these increase) What is not a Capital Assets Sale of Business Stock Sale of Other Personal Assets like Car TV Mobile ( Value of All these Decrease) Car Sold by Personal Business Sold by Car showroom Sold by Some Other Business Not a Capital Asset (Depreciable) Not a Capital Asset (Stock) Capital Asset Jwellery Sold by Sold by Houswife Sold by Jeweller Capital Asset (Appreciable Asset) Taxable as PGBP income Not a Capital A sset (Stock) Taxable as Capital G ains income Shares Daily Sales P urchase Investment Stock Taxable as PGBP income Capital Asset Taxable as Capital G ains income

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